We help people who lose their sight see what’s possible.

With the right training and technology, people who are blind and visually impaired can do almost anything a sighted person can do. Lighthouse Central Florida empowers them to do it every day.

Through our individualized Vision Rehabilitation Services, people of all ages and at all stages of vision loss learn – or relearn – the skills they need to live, thrive, and reach their full potential.

Our clients live beyond vision loss, doing the things that matter most to them.

  • Traveling cross-country

  • Raising families

  • Going on class trips

  • Finishing law school

  • Cooking dinner for friends

  • Living independently

We serve more than 600 people a year.
With your support, we could empower thousands more.

We are the only nationally accredited provider of vision rehabilitation services in Central Florida. Yet we serve just a fraction of the estimated 50,000-80,000* blind or visually impaired individuals in Central Florida – a number expected to double by the year 2050.

Please give today to help us serve this growing need.


I believe in removing all barriers to inclusion for persons who live with blindness and vision loss. I believe in creating a world where fear, pity, discomfort and stigma are not a part of their experience. I believe that a person of any age can, and should seek to fulfill their highest ambitions, well beyond the perceived restrictions of blindness and vision loss. Today, I add my name to the growing movement of people promoting inclusion and committed to See What’s Possible!

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Roderick lost his vision, not his potential.

Addison lost her vision, not her sense of adventure.

Pity won’t help anyone reach their full potential.

Why do 80% of sighted people feel sorry for those who are blind? Because they don’t see what visually impaired people are truly capable of. All it takes is the right training. That’s where Lighthouse Central Florida comes in. Learn more about What We Do.

*Florida Division of Blind Services